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The course consists of sections and units. The course sections are divided into units, with each unit representing the main topic.

Self-study sections

At the end of each section, you will find a self-assignment that includes a few tasks and questions for you to work through. The tasks are designed to assess your understanding of what you have learned. These non-graded assignments are for self-study purposes and are meant to prepare you for the final exam.


The final section will include helpful links to a few websites, including pre-made lesson plans and activities. These resources can improve your understanding of the topics covered in this course.

Some units may contain video content. Please ensure that you click on the video to play the media.

Mooncake English

The Mooncake English section includes helpful videos as a guide for further exploration. These resources are included so teachers/users can familiarise themselves with the learning activities, including valuable tips on teaching as a foreign language teacher.


The exam will contribute to your final grade. The exam is designed with multiple-choice and true and false questions and will return a percentage score. You are entitled to a maximum of three attempts.

What happens if I fail the course?

If your overall percentage score is less than 70%, you will have failed the course and, unfortunately, will not receive a certificate. If you have used up all three attempts and still wish to continue and try again, you will need to pay for the course again.

How Do I Get My Certificate?

After completing your final exam, you will be redirected to your course page, notifying you if you have passed your final exam and informing you to view or download your certificate. Some users have trouble opening the certificate on their devices. If this happens, please contact your trainer, and he/she will email you a high-quality certificate.

To locate your certificate:

  • -Navigate to your dashboard
  • -Click on the profile
  • -Under your profile, you will see your certificate available for viewing or download.

Icon Guide 

Throughout this course, you will come across icons. Here’s what they mean:

Classroom Exercise: Classroom activities are marked by this icon. These are exercises that give you a chance to apply the concepts and techniques presented in the unit.