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Lesson Plan 2

durenmgmail-com November 9, 2021

Lesson Plan                                 ESL/EFL Teacher Training Program

Unit 2: What do you do?

Lesson 2

Warmer: Get students in groups of about 4. Hand out each group a piece of paper with a job written on it. i.e. doctor, receptionist, lawyer, teacher etc. Have each group do a charade of the job and have other groups guess the job.

Listening Activity:

The teacher tells a short personalized story about what the members of your family do. The students should listen and answer questions on a questionnaire based on your story. You may have to re-read the story several times. For example:

My name is Sarah. I have a brother. He lives in Chicago. He is married and has one child. He is a salesman. He sells sports equipment. He likes it because he loves sports. I have a sister too. She lives in New York. She has two dogs. She is a doctor. She likes it because she loves to help people, but she works long hours and gets very tired.

The students should then interview two other students in the classroom using the questionnaire. The students may walk around the classroom and interview any two students. The teacher should model how to interview by changing the question to say “you” rather than “she/he” example. .. Do you have a brother? The teacher should model interview two students and fill in the questionnaire.


When the students have completed their questionnaires, they should write a paragraph about each person they interviewed. The students should then check their work with two other students. Do this by having the students get into groups of three. The student who did the writing should read their paragraph out loud to their group, and the group corrects the paragraph for errors. The student picks one paragraph to read in front of the class.