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Lesson Plan 6

durenmgmail-com November 9, 2021

Lesson Plan                                 ESL/EFL Teacher Training Program

Unit 6: Is there a bank near here? Lesson 1


Model drawing a map of a town. Ensure to include the following: a bank, hotel, restaurant, shopping center, bar, parking lot, swimming pool, telephones, and an exchange bureau. Ask the class to draw a map in groups of 4.

Core Dialogue:

  • Excuse me, can you tell me where the nearest bank is?
  • Yes, take the first right, and it’s on the left.
  • Thank you. And how about a seafood restaurant?
  • I think you will find one across from the bank.

Vocab Expansion – will need to draw cards

  1. Hotel – turn left, and it is behind the restaurant – swimming pool – next to the hotel
  2. Shopping centre – between the bar and the telephones – parking lot – Infront of the shopping centre.
  3. telephones – behind the swimming pool – exchange bureau – on the right
  4. Bar – next to the hotel – toilets – go straight, and they are on the right
  5. school – take the second left, and it is between the bar and the restaurant
  6. cinema – Infront of the toilets – post office – on the left

Listening Activity – you will need to record the following dialogue.

  • Excuse me, but could you tell me where the bank is?
  • Yes, go straight, and it’s on the right.
  • Thank you. And how about the restaurant?
  • Well, that’s further down the road so go straight and it is on the left.
  • I heard that there is a good bar near there.
  • Yes, that’s right. If you go past the restaurant and turn left it is down there.
  • I have just arrived in town so do you know of a nice hotel?
  • Turn right at the bank and its on the left. It is really good and very cheap.
  • I don’t suppose it has a swimming pool?
  • No, but if you take the first right, first left, first right, it’s on the right.
  • I am so sorry to keep you for so long but one last thing. I need to park my car, is there a parking lot nearby?
  • Yes, it’s behind the swimming pool. And by the way, if you need anything else, there is a shopping centre opposite the hotel.

Activity: Fill in the blanks.


Using the map, ask the students in groups to follow the directions and label the empty buildings on the map.

Unit 6: I there a bank near here? Lesson 2

Warmer: Far/Very Far, Close/Very Close game. One student stands outside the classroom while an object is hidden in the class. The student comes back in the classroom and has to walk around the classroom trying to find the object. The class shouts out close/very close– when near and far/very far when far away.

Listening Activity

Start a listening activity on the topic

Activity – Writing


To get to my house, you need to walk down the street and turn right at the school and walk past the swimming pool and the Grand Hotel. You will pass a large shopping centre on your left. Then you need to take the second turning on your right. My house is in-between the bank and the post office.

Model by writing your directions on the board. Ask students to write directions to their own house. This can be real or made-up. Get the students in groups of 4, and each student needs to read out their paragraph to their group—others in the group correct errors of each paragraph. Get as many individuals as you would like to read out their paragraphs.