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Lesson Plan 7

durenmgmail-com November 9, 2021

Lesson Plan                                 ESL/EFL Teacher Training Program

Unit 7: Who’s calling, please?

Warmer: Fruit bowl. Label each student one of five selected fruits. Get students to sit in a circle, and then you call out the name of a fruit.

E.g. Orange – All the oranges then get up and have to find another seat.

You then take one seat away and then do the same with another fruit. This time someone will not be able to sit down. This process is repeated throughout the game until one person is left, who is the winner. You can also call “Fruitbowl” which means everyone needs to get up and sit in a new seat.

Listening Activity

Once they have completed the listening, put them in pairs and get them to roleplay the dialogue using the Stand and Deliver method. Get pairs to show to class once learned off by heart.

Listening Activity

Start a listening activity on the topic


In pairs, ask students to prepare a telephone conversation of any situation they want.

Ensure they use about 8-10 line dialogue. Perform to class.

Unit 7: Who’s Calling Please?

(two classes)

Warmer: Telephone Game (Chinese Whispers)

Students get into three lines. Whisper the same sentence to the first student in line. Have students pass the sentence down the line by whispering. Compare the results. Try it a couple of times once with a serious sentence and then something silly.

Core Dialogue:

  • Good morning.
  • May I speak to Miss daisy, please?
  • She’s not here. Can I take a message?
  • Please tell her our meeting is on Friday.
  • And what time will you meet?
  • We’ll meet at 2:30.

Stand and Deliver

Practice Dialogue. Have students demonstrate in front of the class after a bit of practice.

Review Grammar activity

Language Study & Listen and Practice Activity

Role Play

Pair up the students. Each student gets a message card and a blank message card. Have them each delivers the message while the other writes down information, then swap.

Pass out names. Have all students find their message recipient and deliver the message.

Word Study Activity: Work in pairs to do crossword

Matching: Which words go together?

Try to make as many combinations as you can.