What is Nudle XR?

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What is Nudle XR?

Nudle XR focuses on education technology which applies VR, AR and AI to create immersive simulated teaching lessons. We work with software partners such as GTAVE which has developed a breakthrough training methodology that combines virtual experience with advanced learning theory, data science and 3D modelling. With extended reality education, learners can immerse themselves in the lesson to get first-hand experience of the subject matter.

How is it Used?

The software is a series of applications built to run on PC, interactive displays and other VR/AR devices. Utilizes 3D animations with amazing special effects to demonstrate the simulated training; Students and teachers with compatible XR hardware can conduct an online virtual class, with functions such as file sharing, virtual presentation, customizable training courses and 3D real-life avatars supported. The software we work with is developed for the new generation of the 6 DoF VR headsets,

Who is it For?

Extended Reality Is Ready To Revolutionize Higher Education and will offer powerful ways for stronger engagement with students and their fields of study. Industry experts predict that XR education immersive technologies will disrupt the way consumers, industries, and businesses operate in Healthcare, education, and workforce development and training . XR can be used in a variety of disciplines, from teacher education to medical training and foreign language immersion.

How Can it Help?

XR can be used in a variety of disciplines, from teacher education to medical training and foreign language immersion. Students can use XR to practice procedures and managing tricky situations before they feel confident trying them in real life. With XR curricula as games, some learners may feel more comfortable failing often and quickly—which is fundamental to learning and not unlike “re-spawning” in a game—to continue to hone their skills. This highlights another benefit of XR in higher education, the ability of students to work at their own pace and to repeat lessons and exercises as often as needed.

Simulated Learning For Schools and Vocational Training

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Improve Learning Outcomes by Integrating XR into your Lessons

Evidence shows virtual reality has the tools to push the boundaries of your teaching, and helps students meet their learning goals. Nudle offers a great way to engage your students and enhance your existing lessons with XR designed for schools and vocational training

9X better retention in material taught with immersive learning in XR.

Increase your students’ ability to retain knowledge by immersing them into exciting experiences they’ll never forget.

98% Approval

98% leadership approval of immersive experience training.

AR/VR simplified

Nudle chooses hardware partners that uses simple and familiar interactions so you don’t have to worry about bringing the latest technology into your classrooms. Hardware such as zSpace feels real with natural gestures and movements that allow learners to manipulate objects in a 360 degree screen breaking experience.

Kinesthetic learning realized

With built-in tracking and a stylus held like a pen, learners naturally move their heads and rotate their wrist as they pick-up, dissect, and interact with virtual objects. Engaging tactile learning with movement, testing, and trial and error in a non-traditional learning environment supports retention and recall of information.

Abstract concepts visualized

zSpace delivers a stunning interactive experience by integrating the latest AR/VR technology with science, math, and CTE topics. Interact with the dangerous. Observe the impossible. Experience the counterproductive. Test (and retest) the expensive

When XR technology meets education, it has the potential to be a win-win situation.

Extended Reality?

Extended reality (XR): an umbrella term that covers all these different technologies, including AR, MR, and VR.


VR technology creates completely simulated environments.

AR technology superimposes elements like text, sounds, or visuals on existing real-world environments.

MR technology merges real and virtual worlds where physical and digital objects can interact.

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