• 111 Lessons

    Cannabis Budtender Fundamentals

    The Budtender Fundamentals course provides the detailed expertise that will differentiate you and your store from your competitors.

    Whether you own a dispensary, or manage one, your goal is to provide your customers with the best possible experience. This often involves educating your clients about cannabis products and provide information to customers on product choices and consumption methods. This course works to help you and your staff better serve your customers and create long-lasting relationships.

    What you will learn:

    • Understanding species and strains, and which are most highly prized
    • Recreational and medical cannabis
    • Consumer tolerance and dosage methods
    • Hash and concentrates
    • Smoke, vapor, edibles
    • Sublingual, transdermal, topical products and treatments
    • Certificate

    By passing this course, you will attain the certificate of Completion for: Budtender Foundation

  • 0 Lessons

    Cannabis Foundation Course

    The Cannabis Foundation course is aimed at helping someone go from having zero knowledge of cannabis to having a strong foundation of it. Once you have completed the course, you will have a good understanding of all the basics ranging from terminology and linguo, different species, effects of the plant, myths and facts, basics on growing etc. you will also have the ability to partake in in-depth conversations and put the theory you've learned to practice.  
  • 199 Lessons

    Cannabis Master Grower

    A master grower is the most important personnel in a cannabis growing facility. Having a good master grower makes all the difference when it comes to the performance of a cannabis farm. They have the in-depth knowledge of the plants and the various needs of different species and strains, allowing the facility to attain its optimum yield. Whether you’re interested in growing cannabis as a hobby for personal use or planning to oversee and run a large cultivation facility, this course will help you achieve your desired outcome for your crops. Some key topics that you will learn in the course : -cannabinoids -strains & cultivars -cannabis species and hybrids -stages of development -plant training -Terpenes and flavonoids -Seeds -Indoor & outdoor growing -nutrients -pest prevention and control -Lighting; ventilation -grow mediums -Hydro -Cloning -harvest -Curing