Coaching the Analytical Mind: Best Practices of Fortune 500 Firms (IFC Approved Course)

Master best practices on coaching analytically minded clients from Fortune 500 firms taught by globally-renowned expert

Who is this course for?
Coaches who want to dramatically improve their ability to coach analytically minded clients You’re struggling to connect with an analytically-minded client, and just don’t know what to do. The client is skeptical: pushing back against your efforts to help them solve problems, pulling back when you try to build trust, demanding hard data instead of your tried-and-true intuitions. You’re worried that you’ll never be your best self with such analytically-minded clients, who often include CEOs, CFOs, engineers, doctors, lawyers, bankers, accountants, programmers, and so many others who come to us for coaching.

Fortunately, behavioral science research on emotional and social intelligence can help you help them get the coaching support they need. This course offers best practices and case studies on effective use of emotional and social intelligence-based strategies by a coach who has worked for over 20 years with executives from Fortune 500 companies as well as dozens of middle-market firms to empower the growth of analytically-minded people in ways that align with ICF Core Competencies. It provides you with clear take-aways to help you become an outstanding coach for such clients.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify how to solve typical challenges experienced by coaches in dealing with analytical clients at Fortune 500 firms and elsewhere

  • Master emotional and social intelligence research-based tools to connect with and coach analytically minded clients

  • Develop a plan with specific next steps to adapt for yourself the best practices on coaching analytically minded clients tested at Fortune 500 firms

  • Empower your analytically-minded clients by helping them learn critical emotional and social intelligence-based strategies

  • Gain the ability to align these strategies with International Coaching Federation Core Competencies

ICF CEU information Coaching the Analytical Mind is an ICF Approved Course. Upon completion of the course you will receive 12 continuing coaching education (CCE) credits, including 5 core competency credits and 7 resource development credits. (Resource Development includes training formerly called Personal Development, Business Development, or Other Skills and Tools.) These credits are for ICF accredited coaches. For more information, please visit ICF Core Competencies Covered in the Course

  • Creating awareness in analytically-minded clients of their emotions and situations when their analytical mindset may be causing them problems
  • Direct communication with analytically-minded clients, balancing hard data and research with than stories and questions
  • Establishing trust and intimacy with the client, through using the kind of evidence that’s convincing to analytically-minded clients
  • Active listening, to determine whether your analytical client’s learning style is deductive or inductive and targeting their specific information consumption needs
  • Establishing the coaching agreement, focusing on preparing for the almost-inevitable conflicts and addressing emotions


BK · July 1, 2022