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5.1 The importance of a teachers role Copy

durenmgmail-com November 10, 2021

The text below has been written to illustrate the importance of the teaching role and its effect on one’s life. credit unknown-

“Teachers hold the key to secure our future.

They are invisible hands that mould and shape society.

They are pillars of the nation-building process because they help to influence the next generation to become moral, responsible, and productive members of our community.

Their daily work in the classroom will impact the well-being of the economy and the success of society.

Teachers are at the frontline of education and play a significant part in shaping the students’ values, knowledge, and skills.

They impact students at a time when they are most susceptible to influence.

Equip the students so that they can grow up to fulfil their dreams, passion, and goals.

And bring out the potential of students and ignite their worth and contributions.

Some of the students will also become critical leaders of the community.

Teachers are gatekeepers, opening doors to opportunities and possibilities that are beyond the foreseeable horizon.

They trigger visions, develop building blocks, and catalyze actions to build the world to come.

They are crucibles that forge strength, achievements, and growth of society.

Teachers are significant equalizers in life.

They help to transfer knowledge and skills and model the right conduct so that students can learn and have equal opportunities to succeed.

Help students to develop multiple pathways to achieve their dreams.

Teachers are builders of human lives and architects of the future.

Their contributions ensure the survival and sustainability of our world.

They are co-authors in crafting life stories and the history of humanity.”

Therefore, understanding the critical role of a teacher makes it essential to learn what makes a teacher a great one!