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Lesson Plan 1

durenmgmail-com November 9, 2021

Lesson Plan                                 ESL/EFL Teacher Training Program

Lesson 1

Warmer: Name Game. Put students in a circle. The first student must introduce themselves as, “Hi, my name is Suzy.” The second student says, “Her name is Suzy, and my name is Doug.” Continue in the fashion around the circle.

  • Use Listening Activity
  • Use Listen and Practice


Put students in pairs. Have students interview each other to find out 3 to 5 interesting things about their partner. Have students introduce a partner to the class and tell them things they found out about their partner. Model by writing on the board: She is from….She likes…..etc

Role Play:

appropriate greetings and goodbyes in different settings.

You may want to have students brainstorm phrases for saying hello and goodbye and put them on the blackboard before doing the role play. Put students in groups of 3. Have them write four short dialogues for introducing themselves and others in various situations such as a business situation, at a party, introducing a guest to family members, and so on. The dialogue should include a greeting and a goodbye. Have each group perform one set for the class.

Optional Activities:

Start a reading activity with the class