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Lesson Plan 3

durenmgmail-com November 9, 2021

Lesson Plan                                 ESL/EFL Teacher Training Program

Unit 3 – Lesson 1: What Time Does the Train Leave?

Warmer – Game

Where Am I? The teacher is at the Train Station. Students have to ask Yes/No Q’s to find out where the Teacher is.


Students work in groups of 4. Hand out a blank clock face to groups. Hand out different expressions of time on slips of paper and get students to put expressions in the correct place around the clock.


In groups hand out the eight different clock faces and a selection of the different expressions of time. Students need to match the expressions with each clock face.

Activity – Roleplay

Students work in pairs. Students to pick a situation where two people would be discussing the time. Come up with a short conversation for roleplay. Write dialogue down on paper, then get the students to roleplay in a group. As many pairs as you think necessary for your lesson.

Reading Activity

Start a reading activity on the topic

Listening Activity

Start a listening activity on the topic

Unit 3- Lesson 2: What Time Does the Train Leave?

Time with the song “Rock around the clock.”

  1. Hand out lyrics
  2. Play song
  3. Ask each student must read one line of the song. If there is vocab that is not understood, write the unfamiliar vocab on the board and try to elicit meanings from other students. Get them to discuss meanings in pairs. Explain any vocab where meaning could not be obtained. To check their understanding, ask students to write new sentences using the unfamiliar vocab on the board.

Listening Activity

Draw a blank clock face on the board and start filling out an X o’clock and then ask students what will happen at that point in the song. Then it’s the students turn to ask other students and so on.

Sample Dialogue

  • What time is it? (pointing at the clock and time drawn on the board)
  • It is one o’clock
  • That’s right, and what will the people have when the clock strikes one?
  • They will have some fun.

Student Extension

S A: What time is it?

S B: It is three o’clock

S A: Right and what will the people do at three o’clock

S B: (If the band slows down they will yell for more).

This activity can also be extended to incorporate appropriate activities being performed when using the sentence structures.


Hand out a series of clock faces each with a different time showing to each individual. The students can walk about and complete the table as follows with information using dialogue as below:

  • What time is it?
  • Its 11.30 pm
  • What do you do at that time?
  • I go to sleep.

Listening Quiz

Students must listen to the song and complete the question sheet as follows. When completed, collect the sheets ensuring the names are at the top and then hand them out randomly.