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Lesson Plan 4

durenmgmail-com November 9, 2021

Lesson Plan                                 ESL/EFL Teacher Training Program

Unit 4 Lesson 1

Warmer: Memory Game: Model the sentence and activity, then divide the class into three groups of ten.

“I’m going on vacation, and I’m going to take. . . “ each student must fill in the blank with what they would take in alphabetical order. You play this game in a circle, and you must repeat what everyone says before you. For instance student one: “I’m going on holiday, and I’m going to take an apple” Student two: “I’m going on holiday, and I’m going to take an apple, and a ball, etc.”


Start a listening activity on the topic

Language Study:

Cut up the dialogue lines and have students match the questions with the correct answers.


Before students practice asking and answering the questions with a partner, discuss intonation and stress. Model these questions using hand signals to show that questions go up at the end, and the answers go down at the end. Write some of the questions and answers on the board and draw the curvy intonation lines. Have students practice asking and answering the above questions with a partner focusing on intonation.

Listen and Practice:

Start a listening and practice activity on the topic

More Practice: Have 4-5 groups present as a role-play


Make copies of the attached cards so that half the students will have a card with a hotel and half the students will have a card with a character’s name. The student with the character card must find the best match for the criteria listed on the card. Use the walkabout method to have students mingle with each other. The students must ask questions to find the best match.

Sea Breeze ResortMr Siri
Rooms with ocean viewRoom with a view
Fan or Air conditioningAir conditioning
Double roomssingle room
Hot and cold waterColdwater
800 – 1200 ฿700 ฿
Accepts VisaPay cash
Vacancy June 2-18Arriving June 5th

Unit 4 Lesson 2

Warmer: Adjective Game, topic places. The students must come up with an adjective that starts with the same letter as the place. i.e. Beautiful Bangkok, or Amazing Ayuthaya.

Reading activity:

Start a word study activity on the topic

Vocabulary Expansion:

“Matching: Which words go together” worksheet. Put students in small groups and have them work together to match the appropriate adjectives and nouns. Tell students that if they don’t understand a word, they can ask you or ask their classmates for help. Go over the combinations with students eliciting all possible answers.

Sentence Pattern Practice:

Have students practice saying the word combinations in a sentence.

Our rooms have lovely views.

The price includes a free breakfast.

We offer deluxe accommodation in a relaxing atmosphere.

Relax in our spacious rooms.

Our hotel is in a convenient location.

Writing Activity:

Have students in groups design a written advertisement for a hotel that might appear in a travel magazine. Do a model on the blackboard by eliciting the information and ideas. Elicit what important information should be included, such as room type, air conditioning or fan, price, location. Students can use the vocabulary from the previous matching activity to describe their hotel.

Writing Extension:

Have students write a radio advertisement for a hotel and perform it for the class. Have them use a jingle or catchy phrase that goes with their hotel.