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Lesson Plan 5

durenmgmail-com November 9, 2021

Lesson Plan                                 ESL/EFL Teacher Training Program

Unit 5: Don’t leave your bags on the bus. Lesson 1

Warmer: Simon Says Game. To extend this activity, play once with Teacher giving instructions and then divide into groups and give students a chance to be Simon.


Conduct a “match the pairs” activity. Students in groups of 4.


Divide the class into groups of 5 and give each group one of the following contexts: At the swimming pool, in the classroom, at the library, using a payphone, in a museum, in a hotel room. Hand out brown paper per group. Get them to come up with rules/instructions for their context. Show to class.

Don’t leave your bags on the bus Lesson 2

Warmer: Model some instructions to the BB. Divide the class into two and give them each a bag. Ask each student to write one instruction and put it in the bags. Shuffle up the instructions. Students take turns in their groups to pick out an instruction and do it in front of their group.

Core Dialogue

  • Could you tell me how to use the telephone?
  • First, pick up the receiver and then insert coins.
  • Ok and next?
  • Next press the number you want.
  • Right
  • Finally, when you finish your conversation, replace the receiver.


Create situations where instructions are needed or situations where you are explaining to somebody how to do something. Eg: using a phone or making a cup of tea.

Put students into groups and get them to pick a situation where they need to use instructions. You may need to help them with this. Ask students to write the instructions on paper. Check vocab and grammar. When groups have finished, pair groups up and get them to talk through their instructions with the other group. This will ensure that instructions make sense.

Pick groups to demonstrate to the class their instructions and get the class to act out each instruction at a time to ensure their comprehension of the instruction; you will need to model this first to show what is required.

Ensure they use the vocab: First, Then, Next, Finally, at some point in their instructions.

Communicative Activity

Cut up the two sets of instructions on the next page. Hand out the pieces of paper randomly. They have to talk to each other to find out who is part of instructions and then get themselves in the correct order. The first set complete is the winner.